About Us


We, the contributors to this project, believe that rallying behind, and funding, a small number of high-quality software projects is the most cost-effective way to produce value for the open soure software community. Therefore, this website is dedicated to ensuring that high-quality projects are acknowledged and advocated. We hope that our efforts will allow for more projects to develop and thrive.

Future Plans

Currently, this site is just a list of free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) projects that you can choose to support. Do note that Bitcoin-ABC and other software in the crypto space are public goods, and suffer from the incentive structure of the public goods game. This means these projects are constantly suffering from funding shortfalls. We believe, however, that by creating a new “game”, we can create the proper incentives for public goods to be fully funded.

“The minority rule will show us how it all it takes is a small number of intolerant virtuous people with skin in the game, in the form of courage, for society to function properly.” - Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority

Eventually, this website will no longer have donation addresses to the projects in question, but instead, it will have a donation address to a general fund. This general fund will be managed by a robot which automatically retransmits the payment into all donation addresses listed, divided up by some percentage. In return, the bot will issue simple ledger protocol (SLP) receipts, 1-1 with the BCH sent, to the address which sent funds.

These receipts will be usable for several things:

  1. These receipts can be spent as part of a purchase for some percentage discount on products at merchants who choose to support this initiative.
  2. They may be burned as a way for you to adjust what percentage of future funds go to which projects. In this way, people can exhibit swarm intelligence to inform the group as to the most efficient allocation of funds.
  3. Cause new projects to be listed by burning receipts in a similar manner to #2.
  4. Potentially use the receipts in a lottery. (However, legal restrictions are tough and need to be investigated carefully.)

The website will then also list merchants who choose to accept donation receipts as a form of advertising. The intolerant minority can prefer these businesses, while also receiving a discount on products. This incentivizes merchants to participate, especially if they are ideologically aligned with the project.

The hope here is to cover the operational expenses of these projects. For large capital expenditures, other mechanisms will be required.

The specifics of this initiative are still TBD, and this page is subject to change with no notice.